The Chronicle of the Copper Crown released for Fantasy Grounds!

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The Chronicle of the Copper Crown for Fantasy Grounds is now available on and

A nation on the run. A homeland ravaged and barren. To stay would mean certain death. Going back is only considered by the foolish and those who have vowed to die on their native soil. Under these circumstances the people must be considered blessed to have such an amazingly beautiful, abundantly rich, so warmly welcoming destination ahead – Ambria, the promised land of Queen Korinthia.

You are but one of many who have travelled across the snow-clad passes of the Titans. You have set foot in your new homeland, but there is still much to learn. The journey continues to Thistle Hold, the town of explorers and treasure hunters bordering the great forest of Davokar. From there it continues out into the forest, brooding on ruins and powerful artifacts from the golden days of Symbaroum. It will be a journey that will make you see the world and yourself with new eyes, provided that you reach the end of the road with eyes to see and with life left to live …

The Copper Crown features two independent sequels to the tutorial adventure included in the Core Rulebook and is meant to provide players and Game Masters with more advanced guidelines regarding the rules and game world of Symbaroum. The first adventure,

The Mark of the Beast, deals with different kinds of problem-solving and introduces the players to the town of Thistle Hold. And in the second adventure, Tomb of Dying Dreams, the Game Master gets an example on how to design a so called adventure landscape, while the players finally get to venture out in the vast Davokar Forest. All in all, it will undoubtedly be a journey to remember!

Aside from the adventures, the Chronicle of the Copper Crown includes:

  • 7 mystical artifacts
  • A handful of color maps to explore
  • A dozen handouts of letters, notes and map sketches
  • More than 20 NPCs and creatures
  • New rules in the form of rituals, traits and elixirs
  • And much more to add…

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the Symbaroum ruleset.

The Symbaroum Role-Playing game is a trademark of Fria Ligan. The texts and works related to The Symbaroum Role-Playing game is a copyright of Fria Ligan (C). Used with permission, all rights reserved.

This product is a copyright of Pixeldiet Entertainment AB.

Released on August 13, 2019

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.7 and higher.

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