Officially licensed Symbaroum Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds

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Pixeldiet will be releasing the officially licensed Symbaroum Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. The release date is set to be in the beginning of April.

Symbaroum is a Swedish-originating tabletop fantasy role-playing game with a dark and gloom-riddled world of adventure and intrigue.

Explore the vast Forest of Davokar in the hunt for treasures, lost wisdoms and fame. Visit the barbarian clans to trade or to plunder their treasuries. Establish a base of power among princes, guilds or rebellious refugees in the capital city of Yndaros. Or survive encounters with Arch Trolls, dark-minded Blight Beasts and undead warlords. But whatever you do, never ignore the warnings spoken by the wardens of the forest: tread carefully and do not disturb the ruins of old, for the dark deep of Davokar is about to awaken.


Read more about Symbaroum on Fria Ligan’s webpage:


Fantasy Grounds is a virtual tabletop that enables one or more users to play tabletop role-playing games with the aid of their computer. Fantasy Grounds is available with cross platform play.

Even for those wanting to run their games in person, Fantasy Grounds helps keep all your information handy and helps keep the game moving along at a fast pace.

Read more about Fantasy Grounds on their webpage


The officially licensed Symbaroum Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds is a digital product that delivers the Symbaroum Role-Playing game as a supplemental aid for your role-playing adventures.

- This ruleset contains the core rules, background, abilities, archetypes, mystical powers, rituals, artifacts, and monsters of the game.
- It is intended for use by the Dungeon Master — the person who will present the adventure to the other players.
- It also contains the starter adventure “The Promised Land”.
- Automated rules and ease-of-use for creating characters, managing combat, planning and executing your adventure.
- Play with your friends through the internet.

The Symbaroum Role-Playing game is a trademark of Fria Ligan. For more information on Symbaroum products visit their website at The Symbaroum Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds is a copyright of Pixeldiet Entertainment AB.

Fantasy Grounds is a trademark of SmiteWorks USA LLC. © 2019 SmiteWorks USA LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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