Pixeldiet is helping out Fatshark with their latest game Vermintide. Vermintide is a co-operative action first person shooter and melee combat adventure set in the End Times of the iconic Warhammer Fantasy universe.

The time of mortals is ending, and the reign of Chaos draws ever closer. The Dark Gods are at last united in a singular purpose, loosing their madness across the world as never before. In the Empire of Sigmar, Karl Franz’s gaze is focused on the incursion of the savage northmen, but it is not the only threat. As the Chaos moon Morrslieb waxes full, shrill voices echo through tunnels gnawed far beneath the Empire’s cities, and a Skaven host swarms towards the surface. It emerges first in the city of Ubersreik, a screeching mass that consumes all before it. Soon Ubersreik is a charnel-town, drowning beneath the malevolent shadow of the Horned Rat.
Yet even in the darkest times, there are always champions to light the way. As Ubersreik cowers, five heroes, united by capricious fate, carry the fight to the rat-men. It remains to be seen whether they have the strength to survive, let alone work together long enough to thwart the invaders. One truth, however, is beyond all doubt: should these five fall, then Ubersreik will fall with them.

What’s that? A missile rushing towards your face? No problem! Just clench your fist and punch it right back.
Is a wall of enemies standing in your way? Jump on a Sabertooth Hamster and mow’em down.

Shoot, roll, punch, and jump your way to slow-motion victory in Cobalt – an action platformer from Oxeye Game Studio. Take on the role of a mysterious cyborg stranded on an even more mysterious planet in the single player campaign, or play with friends in a selection of co-op and versus multiplayer modes.

Cobalt is being distilled into a digital elixir of fun and adventure by Oxeye Game Studio in collaboration with Pixeldiet, Fatshark and Mojang.

For more information, visit www.playcobalt.com.

Pixeldiet has been on-site on Paradox North offices and helped out with the development for Magicka: Wizard Wars

Magicka: Wizard Wars is a Spellcasting Action PvP game with the humor and the dynamic realtime spell system of Magicka. Players form teams of four and blaze their way across the battlefield, combining magical elements on the fly to create hundreds of spell combinations with wildly varying effects.


Created together with Arrowhead Game Studios, The Showdown Effect is a 2.5D multiplayer action game in which players will be participating in death-matches to gain glory and fame. Formerly known as “Project JFK,” The Showdown Effect operates on the principle of “more is more” and offers an infinite amount of ways to customize your gameplay.

Whether its character, stage, game mode, or weapons, customize as much as you want and control how creatively you want to kill your friends! Remember, the gorier it is, the better the showdown you will have! Read more about The Showdown Effect on: Facebook, Twitter and theshowdowneffect.com.